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SignupLab is built to automate, track and optimize user onboarding and SaaS sales. It’s a smart CRM and business dashboard for any SaaS company from small to large. Start today by syncing with services like Stripe, Intercom and MailChimp among many others!

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Powerful CRM for SaaS companies

Sign-ups, conversions and recurring revenue. That’s what SaaS sales is made of. To succeed in software business SaaS salespeople need a true 360° overview on users, onboarding processes, subscriptions, customer conversations and much more. Welcome to SignupLab - a ready-made sales and customer success solution for managing the entire SaaS customer lifecycle.

Automate and optimize onboarding processes

When user signs up to your service it’s time to trigger sales activities and onboarding processes. Utilize SignupLab’s own sales automation tools or integrate MailChimp, Insightly, Zendesk and many other apps familiar to SaaS companies. SignupLab can connect the dots together from different sources and expose what your SaaS product's users are up to. Create and optimize a solid customer onboarding flow and reduce churn.



Observe users and find the people behind SaaS metrics

Customer lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue, average revenue per customer, churn rate, and many others. SaaS metrics are often just numbers generated from subscription data. This is not enough when trying to understand what these numbers really mean. That’s why SignupLab combines real-time user activity into sales CRM figures. Gain better business insights into entire SaaS customer lifecycle and zoom into details that matters.

Sync SaaS sales data with simple integrations

SignupLab can sync data from issue tracking, invoicing, help desk and many other sources into one simple customer view. Connect with services such as Slack, Pipedrive or Intercom to make sure that your SaaS sales is not stuck in a silo. Use ready-made integrations or create your own with Zapier or SignupLab API.



Initiate sales processes from sign-ups
User tracking
Observe what your users are doing
Email templates
Manage onboarding emails and A/B testing
Automated rules
Trigger emails and tasks based on users’ behavior
Manage all variations of recurring sales
Find the true value of your customers
Keep sign-ups and users aligned
Automate or assign tasks relating to customers
SaaS metrics
See how your SaaS business performs
Revenue reports
Get real-time reports from recurring sales
Set and achieve your sales targets
Estimate your upcoming sales
  • Manage sign-ups and onboarding

    Track users automatically with simple user tracking code snippet, HTML Web-to-Signup forms, or make SignupLab API calls over HTTP directly from inside your app.

  • Track user's activities and behavior

    Underestand what your users want. User tracking can continue through the whole customer life cycle, and it's designed for both single and multiuser apps.

  • Automate sales emails and tasks

    Activity rule is a template for a group of emails and tasks, which can be applied to users and customer accounts. It's a way to automate your sales letters, tasks and conversion processes.

  • Keep all subscriptions and deals up-to-date

    Sync with Stripe or Recurly or track with SignupLab API to keep your customer, subscription and plan details current. Drop us an email if you wish to integrate with any other billing system!

  • Follow the progress on real-time SaaS metrics

    SaaS metrics, such as Monthly Recurring Revenue, Trial Churn and Customer Lifetime Value, are automatically visualized from your sign-up, customer and subscription data.

  • Share with your team, investors or partners

    SignupLab is built for seamless collaboration around SaaS sales. Everything is available for comments and visible on social feeds. It’s totally free to add an unlimited number of team members.


Sync customers, subscriptions and plans with one click
Get instant SaaS metrics from Recurly subscriptions
Transform recurring sales data into visualized SaaS metrics
Connect SignupLab with hundreds of other apps
Create seamless flow from leads to sign-ups
Sync Intercom user tracking and customer data
Add users easily to MailChimp email lists
Send onboarding emails with professional touch
Send all transactional emails with one service

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